4 Seasons Outdoor wint Best New Product Award in UK

4 Seasons Outdoor picked up the Best New Product Award for their Largo range of furniture.
The judges – customer experience expert Andrew MacMillan and former LOFA chairman Eric Hopper – were impressed with the design of the Largo furniture.
“The furniture has a clean design and isn’t overly fussy in its appearance,” said Eric. “It is a fusion of old and new design but it still appears contemporary, something we had not seen before.”
The make-up of the Largo is a combination of aluminium and mountain climbing rope, making it very strong. The Olefin cushions are also stylish and clean.

Chris Newman, of 4 Seasons Outdoor in the UK, said: “We’re very happy to have won this award. It’s a great product and it’s great that the judges thought so too.”

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